Or the dudes who appreciate a good dick post. We’re all about acceptance and love of the peen here.

There are plenty of rumors circulating that Hot Hobo Jesus is hung – well, like Jesus. I’ve also heard whispers he’s not exactly a considerate luvah and just drills that thing home like he’s playing Bruce Willis‘s character in a reboot of Armageddon. A video of Jared grabbing his situation while performing “End of All Days” with his band 30 Seconds to Mars is making the rounds, and even entertainment sites like E!Online who generally stick to the kittens and rainbows side of celebrity news are like, “AYE, YO. YOU SEEN THIS DICK YET?”

I won’t lie, I watched that shit more than once. If that isn’t an impressive slab of man meat, it’s definitely a large eggplant or maybe a sideways newborn. Who the hell knows, Jared could be smuggling ex-bone dance partner Angelina Jolie her next kid.

The strokeworthy moment is at 1:45 if you’re that peen hungry and don’t want to wait.

UPDATED: The copyright gods yanked that video, so here’s a tweet with a screenshot instead. Don’t ever say I don’t love you guys and look out for your best interests.

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    HOLY SHIT!!!

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    Damn copyright laws!!!!