In keeping with our newfound mission of avoiding seriousity, check out this picture that Jared Leto posted on Instagram. Just look at him, riding every pole in sight and even getting on the dog in his frenzied furor of foresty fornication. He’s letting those trees pass him around like the last spliff on Snoop Dogg’s tour bus and from the look on his face, he’s in Heaven! And you know those trees are busting acorns left and right as Hot Hobo Jesus shows them the love and how not seeing the forest for the trees isn’t always a bad thing.

So many dick jokes, so little time! Yes I’m giving Jared a harder time and more splinters in his taint than those trunks are, but really I think it’s adorable and hilarious. As a bit of a tree hugger myself (yes I have love and reverence for some things, shut up) and a huge fan of silly shit and people who don’t take themselves too seriously, I love this picture. All the trees and dog legs will be sporting Humpy Jared clip on accessories now and sadly I can’t cash in on it because I’m going into witness protection to keep Megan from cutting me for stealing the best Media Roundup pic of the week.

UPDATE: Okay, it turns out that Jared Leto is also an urban hor! So basically, he’s just a general hor, and trees everywhere are weeping because they thought they were special. It’s officially a meme!