If you haven’t heard, Malaysia Airlines flight 17 went down over Ukrainian airspace today, allegedly shot down by rebels, with all 280 passengers and 15 crew members presumed dead. This is the second major catastrophe in the airline’s recent history after Flight 370 disappeared without a trace on March 8 with around 250 people on board.

Jason Biggs, who is no stranger to Twitter backlash after he tweeted a joke about deceased Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill in May, is at it again, posting the above on his account right before getting his ass handed to him by the Too Soon crowd.

Jason was cordially invited to fuck a pie by other Twitter users who called him a piece of shit and demanded to know what he would do if it were his loved ones facing such a loss. After a few Tweets that fell under the “Seriously Though” category where he actually showed some sympathy, his keyboard’s gloves came off as he took a swing at his critics.

As much as I want to launch into a wordy motherfucking diatribe about buttholes who drop deuces and then try to convince everyone within smelling distance that it doesn’t stink, I’m more worried about the state of the world and the loss of nearly 300 lives.

Long story short – Jason, learn to fight your battles without resorting to name calling because it makes you look like a fucking douche more than your “jokes” do. Everyone who’s pissed at him – don’t follow an asshole if you don’t want to get hit with the hot air coming out of it.

To those affected personally by today’s Malaysia Airlines tragedy, I offer my sincere condolences.

  • http://Website lulu

    Eh, I know nothing about him.

    But, my family tends to crack wise in the face of terrible tragedy. What he tweeted is actually something we might say. It’s either laugh, or sob uncontrollably in a corner. We pick the laugh.

  • Pushy Broad

    hmm, thought I commenting.
    Don’t find “humor” relating in any way to 300 people dying even remotely
    Insensitive Dick IMO

  • Pushy Broad

    I think I have a sense of humor but I find absolutely no humor in these type of comments. None whatsoever. 300 people lost their lives and many more lost their love ones.