Jason Davis was arrested Thursday in Beverly Hills while riding around town with Chaka Khan‘s son Damien Holland. Known back in the mid-aughts as “Gummi Bear,” a day and a blissful age has gone by since I’ve thought about Jason. Or his brother Brandon Davis. Or their time riding Paris Hilton‘s coattails during her reign as the most over-exposed, useless celebrity before Kim Kardashian left her position as Paris’s main closet bitch and mutinied, successfully knocking the Hiltons and their yacht feet off that particular pedestal. Really, the only loss in forgetting about the brothers Davis is that without seeing their lubed-up, drug sweat faces regularly, it’s also been a day and an age since I’ve bought blotting papers.

TMZ says authorities found stolen mail in the Audi Q5 Jason and Damien were in and believe the car may have been boosted, too. They were booked on identity theft charges and possession of stolen property. There also may be auto theft charges in their future.

This lubed-up colonoscopy tube is worth a reported $50 million, but he’s still out fucking shit up and (allegedly) stealing from other people. I’d say a judge should throw the book at him for being a useless sack of oil heir trash, but it would probably glance right off him thanks to the Crisco stick he rubs on his skin every morning as moisturizer. The thought makes me want to heave, so I went to check in with Jason’s brother Brandon on Instagram to see if he’s any more palatable than he was a decade ago. The answer is not really. He’s still a bundle of ugh in the lap of luxury, serving up some Caricature Elvis.

  • Wicked Cupcake

    To be honest, I thought this dude died about 5 yrs ago from a heroin od. Him being a thief is not as shocking to me as the fact he is still alive is. : /

  • Catspajamas

    Thanks for putting me off my breakfast.

    • http://thehollywoodsigh.com Megan

      I’ll take it off your hands. Unless it’s a glazed donut. Urgh. 😉