Yesterday in Reach Arounds, I linked to Celebitchy covering Kim Kardashian‘s presence in Cannes. Her look can only be described as “chain mail meets ice dancing costume meets birthin’ hips” and her inclusion in any of the festivities falls under “For Rent.” It turns out jeweler de Grisogono invited Crisco Kimmy to their annual party at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc because Sharon Stone‘s demands were too rich for the brand’s blood.

According to Page Six, Sharon requested $300,000, travel by private jet and a block of eight rooms to show up at the event. When de Grisogono passed, Kim showed up in her stead. Original reports had her accepting a pair of earrings for the appearance, but a source told Page Six they were only loaners. I don’t doubt some sort of payment was made in exchange for goods and services, but all the mental currency I need is knowing there were whispers of “Ho, why is you here?” rippling through the crowd.

In other Kim news, Yahoo says she is under investigation by Iranian officials who have accused her of corrupting Middle Eastern women through Instagram by inspiring them to wear makeup, remove their headscarves and dress immodestly. A government agency has accused Kim and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom of conspiring to encourage modeling outside of the parameters set by strict Islamic laws. More than 100 women have been detained or questioned and 29 criminal cases have been filed.