Leah Remini can see the clown prank Dancing With the Stars pulled on her last night a couple of different ways. One, she can be pissed and hold a grudge. Also known as my personal modus operandi. Or two, she can see this as practice for when Tom Cruise comes for her ass in his sportiest pair of New Balances with 3″ lifts when she goes so ball-out against Scientology in Friday’s 20/20 interview it beats John Travolta at his 5 a.m. gym trolling game and she has to hit the deck to avoid an assassination.

Dancing pro Sasha Farber is lucky Leah fell forward. Look at her bang that mic in anger. If she had gone backwards or he had stuck around instead of running off like a little bitch, there’s no doubt in my mind she wouldn’t hesitate for a second before clubbing him right in the dick for putting that mask on and unceremoniously introducing her to the floor against her damn will.

Video under the cut because auto-play chaps my aaaaaaaaaass.

  • Greeneyes

    I’d been throwing punches, knives, guns and the poo that landed in my panties when it was scared out of me.