mariah carey entourage quits

Page Six has become my new favorite punchbowl of spiked Mariah Carey goodness. They say that members of her professional team and entourage have been bailing left and right due to clashes with Stella Bulochnikov, the new manager Mariah hired a year ago.

“It seems as if Mariah has allowed a complete stranger, her new manager, to run her life, and others believe this woman is toxic. Seasoned executives in their profession don’t want to put up with her,” says a source close to the situation. “Stella is hard to work with. Mariah doesn’t understand what’s going on because Stella paints a different picture, so Mariah probably thinks it’s petty disagreements. These are not just random people who have left her. These are loyal people who have been around for years, some 20.”

Those who have left Mariah’s Hello Kitty-shaped circle include her business manager, international publicist, tour manager, domestic publicist and travel manager. Even Mariah’s stylist Wilfredo Rosado packed up his trunks full of Spanx and sausage casing dresses and went the hell home. Page Six says members of Stella’s family have been taking over aspects of Mariah LLC., and that changes in bookkeepers have left staffers unpaid.

Stella’s reach into the cookie jar doesn’t stop there. She has been credited with talking Mariah into doing a multi-part docuseries about Mariah’s Vegas residency show that sources say has turned into nothing more than reality TV trash. Stella has reportedly been “creating story lines” for the show and using the show’s platform to trash talk the former members of Mariah’s team.

In other words, welcome to another E! reality shitshow trainwreck that I won’t be watching. Except when I’m at the nail salon and they have the channel on. Like yesterday. I’ve been a celeb blogger for a few years and a judgyy, gossipy bitch eons before that and yesterday was the first time I’ve ever seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It was pure trash. Honestly, the only redeeming thing about it was that it was an older episode so everyone’s face was not up to current standards.

Image: Instagram/stellabulochnikov