Nice To See That NBC Learned Nothing With That Sound Of Music Debacle


In the name of all that is good and holy, whyyyyyyyy is NBC doing this to us?

The TV adaptation of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer from True Blood was like a wreck on the side of the highway at which you can’t stop looking. The review spectrum went from from “Julie who?” (not really, but Carrie wishes) to whatever this .gif would translate to in words. NBC decided the cringe-fueled buzz was good enough for them, because USWeekly is reporting that NBC will be wrecking making Peter Pan Live! their next holiday special.

We’re very pleased to be underway on ‘Peter Pan’ as our next live holiday musical for the whole family,” said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt in a statement. “We were all delighted to see how ‘The Sound of Music Live!’ struck such a chord in December and brought nearly 19 million people to the live telecast plus another several million viewers over the weekend. In the hopes that lightning strikes twice, we think we’ve landed on another great Broadway musical — which ironically also starred Mary Martin — that is a timeless classic for all audiences, young and old, who just never want to grow up.

19 million viewers AND another several? I don’t want to break NBC’s heart, but that sounds an awful lot like those numbers may be courtesy of the Sharknado Equation- Horridness x Dude, You Gotta See This(Tweets+FB Statuses) = Ratings. Greenblatt also joked at the Teen Choice Awards about Miley Cyrus being tapped to play Peter. Let’s let Grumpy Cat handle this one.

Can You Believe This Ish For January 20th

Who hasn’t been pissed off while making mac n’ cheese, only to find that the “cheese” packet is either a) floating in the boiling water with the noodles because your dumb ass dumped the whole box in there and then fished out the soggy useless packet or b) completely missing? Just me? WRONG.

According to the the Dreamin Demon, this shit doesn’t just happen at my house. And sometimes, people get a well deserved beat down for a crime against humanity over the the b) part of the question above. DON’T MESS WITH THE “CHEESE” PACKET, EVER!! Which brings us to the disturbing question of just what happened to the “cheese” packet in this case? But I digress.  Read on…

Somewhere in South Carolina (Lyman, to be exact, which by my calculations is still wherethehellever), a father stepped into my shoes and beat his son down, as any normal sane person would do, for making his macaroni and cheese just plain ol’ macaroni. What good is plain macaroni??? It is a slap in the face of good taste, and I see that “meh, been there, done that” look on your face and I’m judging the hell out of you right now. Apparently, Mr. Rossi didn’t care for his bare nekkid noodles and rightfully put his son Alex in a headlock after a physical altercation over the cheeseless mac. In the end, the son went to jail and the dad had to suffer the plain macaroni.  The humanity.

What happened to the missing “cheese” packet is still a mystery, and let’s not get Scooby Doo on it. I have a feeling it’s better this way.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Are Engaged

Johnny Depp by, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by 

Serial proposer Johnny Depp has a new fiancee to add to the list that includes Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Winona “Forever-ish” Ryder. A source told USWeekly that Johnny proposed to Amber Heard a while ago but she just hasn’t been wearing her ring. She was photographed last week hiding her left hand super sneaky-like, which always screams “he went to Jared!” (or in Hollywood’s case, “he went to a super private custom jeweler and spent a gajillion dollars on some monstrosity!”).

I’ll believe it when I see it. And by “it”, I mean I won’t buy that Johnny Depp is engaged to anyone until I’ve seen that he put a ring, 90 scarves, 17 bracelets, a fedora and some ugly ass glasses on it.

Submit Your “Okayest” Parenting Moment For A Weekly Contest!

Here at Casa PV, we’re lowbrow with a few shining moments of Pinterest-fueled wins on the parenting front, usually in the form of cupcakes. We don’t do perfection or pretention (glad to have caught the autocorrected “prevention” so it doesn’t look like we also do the herpes) and we want to hear about your “okayest” parenting moments. That time when you scraped by just by the skin of your teeth. That time when you did your best and it sunk further than Jack Dawson’s lifeless body (RIP and sorry that bitch let go, Jack). When you pulled out all the stops and Junior effed it all right up for you because, let’s face it, kids do that.

I’m not looking for Gwyneth Paltrow in the streets and Martha Stewart in the sheets here, and my sincere apologies for the imagery on that one. I’m looking for the shit that didn’t work out. For the tries. For the swings and misses. For your best efforts made from love that might not have had the best results. I want YOU. All your flaws. All your “good enough” moments. And not just moms, I want dads too!

You can email photo submissions or nominations to the contact email in the header. There will be a poll every Monday featuring three submissions that will run the week and the weekly posts will begin when I get enough submissions to cover several weeks. Whoever has the most community votes by Friday wins the title of that week’s Okayest Parent and the prize will be bragging rights because I have three kids to put through the okayest state school.