sharon osbourne naked selfie

Starring in today’s episode of Curb Your Narcissism is Sharon Osbourne. She’s the latest in a string of celebrities who missed the fact that much of the backlash over Kim Kardashian‘s blacked-out-bits nude Instagram upload had everything to do with her stunning self-absorption and nothing to do with her right to do whatever the hell she wants with her tits and ass.

I love women. I love womens’ bodies. I love smart, giving, daring, empathetic women of substance who do something for the greater good. That may be through philanthropy, speaking on social issues, doing charity work in the U.S. or in other countries, or using their power and position in ways that benefit others. Kim has long since proved she’s not interested in anything other than furthering her own interests and using the public for validation. Even her charitable efforts have been met with complete distain. Remember the eBay auction she did that resulted in a measly 10% of the proceeds ($19,975) going to charity and $180,000 going into her pocket?

Crap like that is why I’m 90/10 in favor of dragging Kim at almost every turn. Her brand of “liberation” has nothing to do with empowering other women. She’s all about doing the bare minimum for others and the absolute most for herself in order to fuel her own ego and her brand. When she says “liberated,” I only hear “appropriated buzzword designed to trick low-level thinkers into believing those who criticize are somehow policing her body instead of reacting to another excessive display of vanity and absolutely zero return on their brain’s investment into giving her attention.”

It’s also interesting the women who posted various nude pics on social media in solidarity with Kim–Sharon (link NSFW), Courtney Stodden and Emily Ratajkowski (really, really NSFW)–are already comfortable with their bodies (and no shade, just fact). Do your thing, ladies. But is it actual liberation if you weren’t holding yourself back in the first place?

(Pics: @emrata, @MrsSOsbourne, @courtneyastodden, @kimkardashian)

Oh…and if you were wondering who’s winning the feud between Kim and Bette Midler?