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Reach Arounds


I hate that I recognize both the legs and those cocked and loaded middle fingers – SOW

The only reason this heffa is in Cannes is because she’s a rich, horny old man’s +1 – Celebitchy

But they’re all free to live their own lives and make their own decisions, right. RIGHT??? – The Blemish

Please tell me I’m not the one one who sees hints of that little girl from Growing Pains mashed up with a standard trophy wife – Reality Tea

I’m getting massive secondhand embarrassment from everything Blake Lively is trying to make happen for herself right now – Dlisted

Requisite (and freakin’ spectacular) boob post because that’s how we do – Midwest TV Guys

Kim Kardashian has an ass on her ass – TrashTalkTV

Reach Arounds


Come for the beach boobs, stay for the ridiculously hot villain – SOW

1. I though that was David Boreanaz. 2. This is male vapidness at its finest. 3. What are the odds they photoshopped a nutslip out of that second shot? – Celebitchy

Was Beyonce‘s athletic line made using the oppressed hands of Sri Lankan sweatshop workers? – The Blemish

54 years old and still trying to make her frenemies jealous on Instagram like a bitchy prom queen – Reality Tea

Seriously, though–fuck Adrien Brody and his “give child molesters a pass” mentality – Dlisted

A woman the color of partially diluted pee had a tits-out moment with a presidential candidate a few years ago – Celebuzz

There’s probably going to be a stand-alone Harley Quinn movie and you can thank Margot RobbieThe Superficial

I’m the sexy bitch in the yellow apron outside the donut shop – Lainey Gossip

“You know what this dress is missing? A heavily starched cloth dinner napkin that will completely eclipse my face the minute I sit down.” – Go Fug Yourself

Heidi Klum in a bikini never gets old – WWTDD

Reach Arounds


I’ve never been more jealous of someone than I am right now – SOW

Standing ovation to Susan Sarandon for not kissing Woody Allen‘s ass AND dragging it a few hundred yards through Cannes – Celebitchy

Would You Hit It? The Jailbait Edition – The Blemish

Since when does Nicky Hilton‘s face look like that?? – Reality Tea

I’m torn between I’d still do her and How dare you waste French fries, bitch??Dlisted

Perfect post about getting pussy whipped is perfect – WWTDD

Good LORD, Megan Fox looks great pregnant – Celebuzz

Am I looking at a thong? An ass crack? Weird shadowing? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure my eyes crossed enough to see a sailbloat (typo stays) – The Superficial

The highest of all high class call girl looks – Lainey Gossip

She looks like a Maltese whose edgy owner took her into a real salon to get her tips dipped and I can’t stop laughing – Go Fug Yourself

Reach Arounds


TV networks are axing shows left and right – SOW

Chelsea Handler is still talking shit about Angelina JolieCelebitchy

Every fucking thing about this, including the mental imagery I will never forget, is Boner Killer of the DayThe Blemish

Kind of love everything about that dress, even though my inner child of the 80’s is getting a dot matrix printer paper vibe – Reality Tea

Katy Perry addresses Orlando Bloom cheating rumors – Dlisted

I feel like she jacked this out from under Tilda Swinton‘s nose – Go Fug Yourself

When you do the absolute most to get noticed by your ex by dressing in fabric reserved for old lady accent table lamps – Lainey Gossip

WHAT THE HELL IS AN ASS CAPE?? – The Superficial

Reach Arounds



The whiniest pissbaby of all pissbabies isn’t doing fan pics anymore – Celebitchy

I kind of want to see the crotch situation on the other side of that towel, but she also looks remarkably unimpressed, so…- The Blemish

For once, I want someone famous to say they lost weight by staying hungry and regular appointments with a lipo wand – Reality Tea

My say something nice is that her dress is gorgeous and his teeth look less wooden than usual – Dlisted

Herp-tacular vag sore George Zimmerman tried to auction off the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin – The Superficial

I won’t lie – I opened that pic up in an editing tab and tried to lighten it to see the goods – TrashTalkTV

Calvin Klein‘s jailbait looking upskirt might be Boner Killer of the DayWWTDD

At least she keeps things consistent with awful hair – Go Fug Yourself

Jenny McCarthy looks infinitely better with darker hair – Lainey Gossip